August 6, 2019

Random Update

WARNING: this is where I am going to start rambling.

The past several weeks have been exhausting.

On the personal front there has been many hours cutting and splitting firewood for next winter (it'll be here before I know it) and I honestly have several more man days worth of work to do. Then I get to stack it.

The local county fair is in full swing right now. I always enjoy seeing the engineering, woodworking and robotics projects that the 4H kids put together. The livestock there is also fun to see (and my daughter participates/competes with livestock entries so they are extra special to me).

On the technical front, I have migrated almost all of my services over to containers on my older mac mini running on Ubuntu 19.04. I got tired of having to recompile more and more using Gentoo. While a decent experiment, and pretty damn performant, Gentoo wasn't needed.

I also took the time to move to Pop_OS on my main desktop. I've heard a fair amount about it recently and understand that most of the advantages of it come when bundled with System76 hardware. I don't have that hardware, but I do have a new 34" monitor and a NVidia 1030. It was pretty nice to have the NVidia drivers installed by default theme with Pop_OS is strangely similar to my own. (I like my dock at the bottom though).

So many things are still on my "TODO" list.

  • Test out the upgrades of all the containers (currently running 14 of 'em)
  • Build out jenkins jobs to build MY from webhooks from Jenkins
  • Security training
  • Music streaming system
  • Not happy with LDAP auth client in Pop/Ubuntu. Investigate potential for adding a widget to gnome-control-center
  • oh god i know there are 13,248 more things that I just can't remember right now